Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend plans

Well, this weekend is going to be an interesting one.  My daughter, is going to her second dance competition.  They had a smaller one here in Virginia last weekend where the studio she attends cleaned up in the awards.  You can see that all the hard work has paid off for these girls.  This weekend, it's a 3 day affair down in Rocky Mount, NC.  She's been so excited for this one that we've almost had to strap her down in her bed to get her to sleep at night.

So, it's just me and the three boys.  Should be fun.  Two of them are going to be helping their uncle on get a truck street legal so that my oldest can eventually drive it (when he gets his license).  The youngest is going to be at auditions for the local school division's gifted and talented programs for theatre and voice.  Should be interesting.

Me?  I get to play slave driver (want to surprise my wife with a neater house than when she left), taxi driver, and mechanic.  Oh, and we might through in a visit to the Hunger Games in there somewhere.  Oh, and a trip to the range on Sunday.  Haven't been for several months (bad Sham! No cookie!) so I need to go and work on a few things.  After the way the last several weeks have gone, I can use the recoil therapy.  Time to see how the practice on the grip in dry fire turns out when everything goes live.

Everyone have a nice and safe weekend!

-- Sham

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  1. Hey, not sure if you have the blog moved to wordpress. I have a thread on facebook where some men have started to open up about FMS. I want to connect them to you but only where you are current. Let me know.